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    Her Majesty, currently in residence in Balmoral, can only be watching this unfolding calamity with the same trepidation as millions of her subjects.
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    A site will be established where military medical personnel will teach some 500 healthcare workers per week for six months or more how to provide care to Ebola patients, officials said.
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    The mollusks, which are among the world’s largest land snails and can grow up to 8 inches long, are banned in the U.S
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    I think of the human body as part of the environment, and I end the book by explaining how the stomach has become a kind of silo, a storage unit for Coke’s excess
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    First we computerized work, then we computerized home and social life, then we condensed and transferred that life to our pockets
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    Freedom of speech also isn’t a magic wand to protect him from the negative responses borne from what he has to say

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